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During the spring of 2023, The Agency helped develop a campaign centered around the “bystander effect” that would capture the attention and support of the Quinnipiac community. This effort would soon become known as Defend the Den. The Agency produced the program’s name, branding, logo, and strategies to introduce the campaign on campus.  

Now heading into the second semester, The Agency is focused on helping to spread the word about Defend the Den to Quinnipiac’s students, faculty, and staff. Through outreach both on the ground and online, The Agency is working to make Defend the Den’s name and mission a prominent part of Quinnipiac’s campus culture.


Defend the Den empowers Quinnipiac students to speak up during challenging situations and together foster a kinder, safer campus community. Students can participate in bystander intervention training through Defend the Den (which all incoming students now do through freshman orientation), become a student ambassador to help spread the message of Defend the Den, and report concerns or issues on campus through Defend the Den as well.

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