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The Agency focused on the creation of a comprehensive social media campaign to launch Athletic Brewing Co.’s new college ambassador program. By conducting virtual conferences with the client, we can ensure alignment with their objectives. We collaborate closely with various teams within The Agency, specifically social media and graphic design, to develop mock-ups illustrating potential content opportunities. We plan to create promotional events, including excursions such as a visit to Athletic Brewing Co. and a hike at Sleeping Giant State Park to foster brand awareness and emphasize Athletic Brewing Co.’s commitment to environmental responsibility.   


Athletic Brewing Co. is a non-alcoholic beer company founded by Bill Shufelt and John Walker in 2017. They started in Stratford, CT but are now based locally in Milford, CT and own another brewery across the country in San Diego, CA. Their mission is “to positively impact our customers’ health, fitness, and happiness while greatly impacting our communities and environment for the better.” Athletic Brewing Co. has recently taken over the #1 spot in the non-alcoholic beer category based on U.S. grocery store sales, beating both Heineken and Budweiser. The brand sells a wide variety of beers ranging from IPAs to Darks and has extended their market to many flavors of sparkling water.  

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