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The Goodwin University District, a branch of the Connecticut Magnet School system, launched a media campaign with the help of The Agency to synchronize all district communications. Before the campaign, each school had its own social media account, which made communication difficult and exposed the need for a centralized social media account. The Agency focused on the school logo and social media design to present a cohesive message.


Before The Agency's involvement, each school in the Goodwin University District had its own social media account. For instance, the district's elementary school, Riverside Magnet School, had its own Instagram account and was left to communicate district messages independently. This lack of centralized communication resulted in division within the district.


The Agency offered the following solutions to unify the district's communication efforts:

  • Logo Suggestions: Designed three logo designs for each school, featuring an eagle that aged with the students, and incorporated a sunset in each design.

  • Logo Use: Provided examples of how the new logos could appear on school uniforms and apparel to promote school spirit.

  • Instagram Proposal: Constructed a model account with aesthetic pictures to draw in families with engaging captions to boost interaction.

  • Video Advertisement: Produced a promotional video titled "A Day in the Life at Connecticut River Academy at Goodwin University" to be used on social media and open houses.

Press Release: Created a formal press release outline to be filled in and sent out as another form of communication for non-social media users about the media campaign.

  • A survey has been sent to the students and parents on which logo to choose for each school level.

  • The district is moving forward with the suggested rebranding plans on social media.

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