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The Agency worked with Quinnipiac’s Learning Commons in the Fall of 2018 to learn more about audience perceptions of the client and the impact the client has on the Quinnipiac community. Young professionals focused on three key target groups (students, external faculty and staff, and internal staff) to gather well-rounded information.  


The Learning Commons is a group of academic programs that provide support to members of the Quinnipiac community. These programs include peer academic support, professional academic coaching, and support for students with disabilities. Together, these programs provide Quinnipiac students with all the resources they need to excel in the classroom and beyond.

  • In-Depth Interviews: Conducted interviews with members of each target audience segment to learn more about how they perceive the Learning Commons and what impact the client has on the broader community. 

  • Survey Research: Conducted three surveys amongst the target audience segments to gather information from a large sample. 

  • Data Analysis and Recommendations: Analyzed all of the data collected through the research to propose well-informed recommendations for the client to improve their presence and impact on campus. 

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