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The Agency worked with the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, Connecticut during the Fall of 2018 to implement new ideas to improve membership rates and increase foot traffic. The young professionals conducted extensive research into the museum’s website, competitors, and audience to uncover their pain points, enabling them to identify several key weaknesses that affected the Discovery Museum’s bottom line. 


The Discovery Museum is a children’s museum located on the Northend of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Their mission is to “engage, excite and educate young learners through experiences and programs that inspire wonder and ignite creativity.” The museum is a great educational tool for families and schools to learn more about STEM curriculums and foster creativity. 

  • Social Media: Improved client’s presence on social media and promoted seasonal events on the social media platforms. 

  • Increased Exposure: Made use of emails and flyers in local schools to increase exposure and interactions with younger audiences. 

  • Redesigns: Redesigned the museum’s program guide and brochures to make them more visually appealing and engaging.

  • Affordability: Recommended lowering membership prices for single parents and nannies to increase membership accessibility and retention rates, as well as offering bundles or deals to improve affordability. 

  • Holiday Events: Recommended hosting holiday/seasonal events to attract new visitors. 

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