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How can a luxury fragrance brand reach young consumers? With the help of The Agency, Ellis Brooklyn is discovering how to do just that. Young professionals at The Agency are conducting extensive research on the fragrance industry, consumer behavior, and Ellis Brooklyn itself to develop a plan to help introduce Ellis Brooklyn’s inspired scents to a new market. The Agency is focused on proposing a social and digital media-oriented approach to connecting with young audiences.


Founded in 2015 by New York Times beauty columnist Bee Shapiro, Ellis Brooklyn is a luxury fragrance brand that bridges the gap between artisanal, decadent fragrance and clean, sustainably sourced beauty. With the philosophy that every scent tells a story, Ellis Brooklyn fragrances not only reconnect us to distant memories, but also connect us to the present moment and help us create new ones. Ellis Brooklyn’s more than 10 unforgettable, eco-friendly scents are easy to love and easy to feel good about.

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