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The Agency worked with 3DUXDesign in the Fall of 2018 to develop a social media strategy to promote a new Kickstarter campaign. Young professionals also reviewed the communications strategy and product packaging to make product usage and placement more efficient.  


3DUXDesign is an educational supply store located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Founded in 2017, its goal is to provide educational services to help students better understand the rapidly growing STEM fields. While STEM is predominately math and science, 3DUXDesign also aims to teach children about art, environmental, and humanitarian subjects.  


3DUXDesign uses an award-winning architectural modeling system for students to think outside-the-box for real world solutions. The curriculum is heavily project-based, so students can use their imagination to build feasible structures and environments.  


3DUXDesign expanded to another hub called 3DuxUniversity. The online learning service offers project-based curriculum for students to expand on their STEM imaginations in and out of the classroom. By offering downloadable content, children can expand their knowledge of real-world fields such as engineering, architecture, art and design, and sustainability.

  • Branding Consistency: Suggested improved branding to further streamline the persona, identity, messaging, and design of the overall brand. 

  • Education Program: Added extensive research and recommended improvements for curriculum by developing more detailed lesson plans, solid academia partners, and educational digital program. 

  • Website Redesign: Updated website and online branding to make it more consistent, current, and engaging. 

  • Contact Lists: Developed detailed contact lists to help client reach out to potential customers, partners, and investors. 

  • Social Media Development: Recommended and developed social media content to make client’s online presence more streamlined and consistent. 

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