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In the Spring of 2023, The Agency worked with Gather 55 to re-vamp the restaurant’s brand identity. Young professionals at The Agency redesigned Gather 55’s menus and website. The team also developed a social media toolkit to provide the client with everything they need to sustain the restaurant’s social media presence.


Gather 55 harnesses the power of delicious food to connect diverse communities through a restaurant with an inclusive vibe where all can gather, regardless of their ability to pay. Gather 55 is a Hands On Hartford initiative and part of Hands On Hartford’s commitment to serve neighbors, engage volunteers and connect communities in the Hartford area. 

  • Menu Redesign: Redesigned several versions of Gather 55’s menu to make it more modern, interesting, and easy to use. 

  • Website Redesign: Created a new website for Gather 55 featuring digital versions of the menu, the restaurant’s background story, and details about how people can donate or volunteer to continue supporting Gather 55. 

  • Social Media Toolkit: Created a social media toolkit featuring design and branding tips, caption ideas, target audience details, and photo and video assets to help improve Gather 55’s social media presence. 

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