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In the Spring of 2018, The Agency worked with IRIS, a New Haven nonprofit, to improve the client’s social media engagement and establish a consistent brand across the organization’s website and social media platforms. Young professionals at The Agency also worked on developing ways to increase the volume of donors and volunteers supporting IRIS.  


IRIS is a nonprofit organization in New Haven that welcomes refugees and aids in their resettlement into Connecticut communities. IRIS empowers refugees and immigrants to become self-sufficient and integrated into their new communities, all while enriching Connecticut communities and making them a better place for all of us.

  • Intensive Research: Conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research to learn more about IRIS, the community, and key audiences to better inform campaign planning. 

  • Social Media Development: Worked to improve social media presence and engagement, making the platforms more cohesive with the organization’s overall brand. 

  • Content Calendar: Developed an in-depth social media content calendar to aid in the improvement of IRIS’s social media presence. 

  • Branding: Created more cohesive branding for IRIS. 

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