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In the Fall of 2022, The Agency worked diligently to improve communication between Chartwell’s and Quinnipiac student body. To build a stronger relationship between the client and students, The Agency helped develop and improve a feedback system for students to share their thoughts about QU Dining’s services. The team also worked to increase knowledge about the client and its services amongst student ambassadors.  


Chartwell’s is the organization responsible for feeding students and faculty across Quinnipiac’s three campuses. With multiple dining facilities and extensive services, Chartwell’s seeks to provide healthy, delicious, and exciting meals that meet the dietary needs and restrictions of thousands of Bobcats each day.

  • Admissions Ambassador: Organized an Admissions Ambassador Presentation to teach student ambassadors all the information they need to introduce incoming students to the Quinnipiac dining experience. 

  • Student Testimonial Campaign: Created a social media campaign that introduced the Quinnipiac community to dining employees to improve student relationships with dining staff and services as a whole. 

  • Promotional Video: Created a promotional video to introduce Quinnipiac’s dining services, facilities, and staff to the community. 

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