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NeuronicWorks Inc.


The Agency partnered with NeuronicWorks Inc. in the Fall of 2018 to create new branding guidelines and social media strategies. By conducting thorough organizational and industry research, young professionals at The Agency were able to develop extensive branding and social media guidelines to improve the client’s overall brand identity. 


NeuronicWorks Inc. is a Toronto-based product development firm. Founded by Titu and Simona Botos, NeuronicWorks Inc. helps clients develop innovative, marketable, and custom electronic products. The team of experienced engineers and designers sticks around from inception to delivery, keeping clients in charge and in the loop at every stage in the product development process.

  • Brand Guidelines: Developed extensive brand guidelines, including color palettes, iconography, and sample designs, to improve NeuronicWorks Inc.’s brand identity and make the brand more consistent. 

  • In-Depth Analysis: Conducted extensive market, audience, and competitor analyses to better inform social media strategy. 

  • Social Media Strategy: Suggested social media strategy to improve the client’s social media presence, interaction, and engagement online. 

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